STRUST. is the engineering solutions provider created for the times

A structural & façade consultancy, providing engineering services. Trust is at our core, always delivering an elevated level of client care. We care deeply about creating the best possible client outcomes. Over two decades of engineering solutions expertise.

We are reliable, but not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Our Experience

We have over 2 decades of experience in the industry in structural and façade engineering. We are the most innovative and fastest growing service available due to our end-to-end engineering solutions, designed to optimise value without sacrificing physical or architectural integrity.


STRUST provides design and consultation services for Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC). 

With extensive experience in Australian and International markets, STRUST can provide seamless design and quality management services for GRC manufacturing and installation. 


Our Projects

We have contributed to structural & façade engineering for the projects below. From acting as the principal engineering, through to leading project engineering teams & certification, we have a broad range of industry knowledge, backed by over two decades of experience.